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Colombo (2021) HDRip 720p & 1080p

The theme of the movie is ‘Colombo is not a city, but a lifestyle’. This movie revolves around the reality in Colombo life. The core of the film is about realizing that even the toughest people involved in various wrongdoings have a good side to them. They are also human with soft hearts.

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Yakadaya (1977) WEBRip 540p

The movie Ironya is a movie directed by Neil Rupasingha based on the life story of a real person. The events here are false. Gamini Fonseka acted for the first time in a film based on a true story.

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Api Dedena (1980) WEBRip 540p

Thissa Vijesurendra / Geetha Kumarasinghe / Jenita Samaraweera / Wimal Kumara De Costa / Wimal Halangoda / Shanthi Leka / Jayalath Peter Fernando / B.S. Perera / Rathmalee Gunasekara / Piyadasa Vijekoon / U.Ariyawimal / Bandula Vithanage / W.Jayasiri Director: Meril Albert

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Asha Desin (1978) WEBRip 540p

Gamini Fonseka / Shriyani Amarasena / Rex Kodippili / Karunarathna Hangawaththa / Somasiri Dehipitiya / Wimal Kumara De Costa / Bandu Samarasinghe / Senaka Perera / Manel Vaanaguru / Chandi Rasika / Fareena Lhai / Richard Weerakkodi / Rathnawali Kekunawela

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Ahankara Sthree (1954) WEBRip 540p

Kingsley, Quinlan - Nugegoda, Nadarajah - Negombo, Olympus - Galle, New Cinema - Kurunegala, Chitra - Avissawella, Richmond - Ambalangoda, Sri Mahal - Kuliapitiya Gamini - Maradana were screened from 24 September 1954. It was screened continuously for 12 weeks.

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Akkara Paha (1970) WEBRip 540p

Sena (Milton Jayawardena) is sent to a boarding school at a well-to-do city university by his family who mortgage everything they own to pay for his education. Their future well-being is thus in the hands of Sena. Sena however succumbs to the temptations of city life and fails in his venture. The impoverished family takes on the titular scheme offered by the government to settle the North Central province.

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Dr. Nawariyan (2017) WEBRip 720p

Nirwan Senanayake , nicknamed "Nawariyan" (literally "Nine feet tall man") is a thug: a crime don in the Colombo. Given that his father had wished him to be a medical doctor, he creates the faux Senanayake Hospital (named after his father) and pretends to live in accordance with this wish whenever his father and mother visit him in Colombo

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