Sankara (2007) DVD 480p

Young Buddhist monk Ananda, arrives at a temple in order to restore its paintings. These paintings depict Thelapaththa Jathakaya, a moral story where Lord Buddha said that a man with a big target in life must not be swayed by passion (Keles), the five senses and especially beautiful women. One day, Ananda picks up a hair pin belonging to a young woman.

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Juliya (2009) WEB-DL 720p


Julia, the innocent and naive young woman enjoying the bliss of youth is fascinated, like any other girl of her age, by trendy and handsome young men.Unfortunately for her, the youth who steals her heart is a cunning manipulator by the name of Dilru.With his deceptive good looks and clothes he is sure to attract women at will.

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Sarigama (2016) WEB-DL 720p & 1080p

Sarigama is a 2016 Sinhala musical film written and directed by Somaratne Dissanayake and produced by his wife Renuka Balasooriya for Cine Films Lanka. The film features Pooja Umashankar and Ashan Dias in the leading roles while Malini Fonseka and Gayani Gisantika also play key supporting roles.

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